App Development

The development of a new and original app for your organisation is an exciting opportunity to distinguish yourself, to branch out, to grow your revenue , or simply expand your services. As marketing tools, apps are incredibly effective, but they can also be used to enhance your services and processes, improve customer and even employee engagement, grow your audience, increase revenue, and gather essential data that will enable you to further your interests.

Developing an app is a complex process. Here at Kybocorp, we're on hand to ensure the process is as smooth and simple as possible, and that your app performs perfectly across all your platforms. At Kybocorp, we don't play favourites, which is why we encourage you to ensure your app is fully functional on all devices for maximum functionality and benefit.


The original app platform, iOS development is usually the first port of call when creating a new app. Even if it's not the main platform you or your customers use, it's extremely beneficial to ensure your app is fully functional and available on iOS devices.


Android devices have swiftly caught up with the iOS market, and ensuring your app is Android compatible will enable more widespread use of the app and greater functionality.
Although there was once a time most apps were available only on iOS, app development has progressed considerably, and Android devices are now as common as other forms. Most apps are now available on Android and many are in fact only available on Android.

Windows Phone

It was inevitable that Microsoft would bring out a smartphone to rival Apple's iPhone, and they have. While they initially struggled with apps due to a perception that such things were the province of iPhones and iPads, that bubble has well and truly burst. Windows Phones are now widely available and used, and the development of your app for Windows devices is utterly essential.

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