Big data only has value when it is transformed into relevant and actionable insights. Kybocorp's exceptionally talented and highly skilled team of data science analysts are here to provide you with a full range of analytics services, including predictive analytics, performance reports, customer behaviour insights, data visualisation solutions and segmentation solutions. We have bespoke approaches to suit your organisation's specific needs, and years of solid experience turning data into opportunities for our clients.


Our dashboards provide the perfect automated online reports, collected in a single, easily viewed and clearly understood location. The reporting functionality of our dashboards is accurate and timely and can be easily tailored to your specific needs and desires. Track your campaigns in real-time, monitor your performance across an array of areas, view reports of your contacts, and get precise measurements of all your organisation's initiatives in one place.

Our dashboards are the key to your organisation's data-driven, decision-making process.

Custom Reports

Here at Kybocorp, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to analytics. Our customised and customisable reports ensure you always have the exact data you need, for your specific functions, services and initiatives, right at your fingertips.

SQL Server Reporting Services

Our SQL Server Reporting Services provides you with the valuable data that will drive your organisation and enable you to easily explore your data.

Bespoke Analysis

There will always be times when the information or insights you seek, or the data you are dealing with, is a little different. Perhaps you're starting a new initiative or looking to seriously revamp an existing one. Whatever your needs, our bespoke analysis will enable you to leverage your data, website, and applications to their best possible advantage.

Data Visualisations

Our data visualisation services enable you to transform the raw data produced by your organisation's applications into powerful visual infographics and key data visualisations. This ensures your data is presented in the most meaningful and efficient manner and is easily absorbed, shared and understood. Our data visualisations are intuitive, simple, highly engaging, and most importantly, fun!

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