About Us

Kybocorp was founded in 2014 as a means of combating the wasteful and ineffective methods used by local governments when employing the latest technologies. We were on a mission to facilitate improvements in the processes used by the government, for the benefit of all.

In doing so, we learnt a lot, and have spent the intervening years consistently growing and maturing, crafting increasingly powerful solutions to your technological needs.

We believe automation is the key to ensuring your organisation can do more, with less, and we are dedicated to making your systems as effective and efficient as possible. To facilitate this we provide thorough reports and data analytics, ensuring you have a true view of each aspect of your organisation. The combination of potent technological solutions and comprehensive data sets allows us to guide you through improving your systems even further, and places you in a strong position to make better decisions for your organisation.

We’ve worked with a wide range of organisations, focusing not only on improving their essential processes but also on providing significant savings through increased efficiency. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies in database and web applications, we’re able to streamline your processes and ensure your organisation runs like a well-oiled and highly effective machine.

If you’re in local government or run a small to medium-sized enterprise SME, we have the perfect processes to supercharge your systems and save you money.

Our Clients